Jim has worked on all aspects of rural policy, from advising farmers to developing local and strategic plans, rural policies and frameworks, rural economic programmes and landscape-scale conservation and tourism programmes.  

Jim and our associates have advised the European Commission on rural policy, supported countries across the European Union develop policy and advised developing country governments across the world.

We understand how decisions are made in rural areas at a practical level and at the highest levels of policy-making.  We can help your organisation be a success in rural areas, get your message to the right people and help you develop policies that work in rural areas.

Jim has strategic policy insight, understanding what policies have impact over your business, community or interest based on a deep understanding of how policy is formulated in conservation bodies, local government, agencies, central Government and the European Union institutions

Jim and his associates have great connections across local and central government, the top rural universities and institutions, major NGOs and industry bodies and the media.

Jim’s analytical approach, drawing on data, evidence,  literature and the ability to synthesise complexity and ideas into simple messages means he has a sound understanding of the main economic sectors in rural areas, their markets, constraints and regulatory matters.  

Our associates know what the barriers to growth are, how to overcome these and how to develop ways of supporting and developing the rural economy.  We have a track-record of innovation – thinking across traditional divides and seeking solutions.