This is a strength of our business and it might just be what you need to win business, win hearts and minds and grow sustainably.

Natural resources, land, energy and water are high cost items for business. Nature, heritage and landscapes are important to customers and communities.  The best organisations are sure-footed in the way they manage these issues.

Our associates come from a variety of backgrounds and have considerable expertise in natural resources, sustainability and nature.  Principal Jim Dixon led the busiest national park authority in the UK for 11 years and the UK family of national parks for 4 years.  

He is a Member of the World Commission on Protected Areas and the UK Heritage Lottery Fund.  

Jim Dixon is recognised for his knowledge and expertise in management of the UK uplands, limestone karst landscapes, agricultural ecosystems, trees, woodlands and forests.

He has been involved in strategic species and habitat planning, landscape strategies and projects, World Heritage Site planning and national environment policy-making. 

Jim has a particular expertise in strategic management planning for natural resources in protected areas and in tourism, visitor management and ecotourism. He led a major programme on introducing cycling infrastructure and major international cycling events into protected areas.

Jim has travelled extensively and has professional contacts and experience in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia including China, Japan and India.

Our extensive network of associates give access to very experienced protected area managers, strategic conservation planners, species and habitat management, survey and science expertise.  His associates have expertise in all aspects of regulatory work related to species and habitats.